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The Process of App Development

When talking about apps the first thing that comes to mind is a smartphone. Most of the people in the world today are either using a smartphone or have one; the percentage of such people counts to almost 80%. People are using smartphones for different purposes in the current generation. Both the developers and the users find the Android system in most smartphones very useful. App developers have been working hard to ensure that there are new apps for the users that make their life more enjoyable besides being entertaining. There is a possibility that some people are seen to develop their android apps. Before one begins to develop an app it is essential that he/she understands the following basics.

Another important process that is often forgotten by most developers is the naming of the app. When one does the booking of the name early in advance they are likely to avoid things like name duplication among other vital claims by other developers. Your app will manifest if you get a good google package. The name is the first thing that the audience will relate to in as much as your app is in question and that is why the process has to be taken seriously.

It is necessary that you analyze the design guidelines as provided by Google which in most cases are for the android equipment. The guidelines are supposed to help the developers come up with a variety of apps that behave and feel the same even though their functions are different. All app users will be in a position to quickly understand the app in question only if the developer used the guidelines provided.

A proper research could be another very important thing that a good app developer needs to do. To make a good app that most users will appreciate it is essential that a given developer learns the needs of the users. It is more comfortable for a given user to continue using a given app if the requests are heard and taken into consideration. Developers may benefit a lot from the advice of users who might have compared the many apps and know what is needed.

Market fragmentation is another very essential aspect that needs to be considered. Technology is getting better by the day, and Google has even made a better android system. These among many other demographics are supposed to be understood by a given developer. The latest android version should be compatible one way or the other with whatever a given developer produces.

Make sure that your app is well optimized so that it doesn’t take a lot of time in processes like starting. It is crucial that thorough tests are conducted before a given app is shared to the users.

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